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Setee, Rosewood, Rococo Revival style, with floral carved cresting above Rosewood frame, with laminated, curving wooden back. John Henry Belter, cabinet-maker, New York, ca. 1950. In the pattern "Rosalie (Without Grapes)." Excellent, restored…

Children with animals-1-2021.02.04.jpg
Children with animals in maple frame

1820s two panel mirror. Original gilded surface. Of a type often used in halls or rooms.

This iron sewing machine is set into a walnut wood case with original surfaces and drawers on right side. The pedal mechanization is of the first decade of these machines.

Includes wooden over for machine.

2011 Strategic Planning Meeting 6-9-2011.pdf
Outline of plans for the care and use of the Ware-Lyndon House in the future.
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